What is ExpandDER?

In 2007, RWE, GDF SUEZ and TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING launched ExpandDER,  an association to disseminate the EU-DEEP results and to manage the intellectual property of the project after its end. The association gathers EU-DEEP partners.


What can ExpandDER do for you?

1. ExpandDER is in charge of the dissemination of the book which synthesises the EU-DEEP project results. The book is made of three parts:

  • A presentation of the EU-DEEP project
  • The 46 knowledge blocks developed within the project
  • 9 executive synthesis for 9 types of stakeholders (click here to order the book)

2. ExpandDER is maintaining this website which presents the project results in an interactive way.

3. ExpandDER is your contact point. It will connect you to the members that can best answer to your questions.

4. ExpandDER advertises the commercial - training, consulting - and research activities of the ExpandDER members related to the EU-DEEP project results.